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Jegs Chevy Instructions

August 15th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Remove stock timing cover. Rotate engine to top dead center of cylinder #1 so that the timing marks on the original crank and cam sprockets are directly lined up with each other, i.e. the mark on the crank sprocket will be at 12 o’clock (straight up) and the mark on the cam sprocket will be at 6 o’clock (straight down).
2. Remove sprockets and chain.
3. Install desired offset bushing from enclosed set. Set selection provides 0-Gray, 2-Gold, 4-Copper, 6-Silver, 8-Black, Camshaft Degree Options.
4. Install cam and crank gears.
5. Torque enclosed cam bolts with washers to the factory spec of 21 ft/lbs.
6. Bend lock plate tabs over bolt heads to lock cam bolts.
7. Install camshaft thrust bearing assembly.
8. CAMSHAFT THRUST BEARING COVER CLEARANCE TEST With camshaft endplay at max rearward travel, place clearance putty over front face of the camshaft thrust bearing assembly. Install timing cover with gasket. Hand tighten cover bolts. Remove cover and check putty.
9. Grind camshaft thrust bearing face as to provide the required .005”-.010” endplay clearance.
10. Install dog bone idler assembly as in figure 1.
Notes: Power Idler (large gear) must be installed on left hand side as shown (when you are facing engine). Crankshaft gear will force Power Idler (large gear) into tight mesh with camshaft gear as crankshaft rotates clockwise. Reverse Idler (small gear) should have free vertical movement of .005”- .075” when drive idler gear is in solid mesh with cam and crank gears. Gear damage will occur from excessive friction if Reverse Idler (small gear) does not have sufficient running clearance.

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