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Titan Fuel Tanks Installation Instructions

August 15th, 2009 · No Comments

Step Description
1. Place the vehicle on a hoist that leaves the entire underside of the frame.
2. Drain all the fuel from the original equipment tank using a pump or siphon. In some cases Dodge tanks have a screen at the tank inlet which won’t allow a siphon hose to enter. In this case, it may be necessary to drive the vehicle until fuel is as low as possible in the tank.
3. Disconnect 1 ½” fuel tank full hose and ¾” vent line hose from fill spout, leaving them attached to the tank.
4. Disconnect electrical connection, feed line and return line from the sending unit. Press in the tabs on the connection fittings to release fuel lines.
5. Support the original equipment tank.
6. Loosen original equipment tank straps by undoing inside bolts first using15 mm deep socket.
7. Remove original equipment tank with its straps from the vehicle.
8. Tuck any wiring harness, differential breather hose (if applicable), and brake lines Up on top of the frame as the new tank will need to be positioned next to the frame for its entire length.
Note: Some truck models may be equipped with a wiring harness for gooseneck and 5th wheel trailers. This will need to be moved to a new location and secured once the new tank is installed—generally behind the tank is best.
9. Remove the sending unit from the original equipment tank by rotating the hold-down ring counter-clockwise and carefully lifting the unit out. Be sure to clean the sending unit and the surrounding area thoroughly before removing the sending unit (See Fig. 2).
10. Remove the factory “O” ring gasket from the sending unit. Do not use on new tank.
11. Remove fill line hose and vent hose from original equipment tank.

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