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2000-2003 Ford Triton FT514125LDT46K 4.6 2 Valve Heads Installation instructions

August 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Instructions for installing spark plug thread repair insert in the Ford Triton 2 valve 2000 to 2003 heads
Full Thread style inserts should be used when both heads have been removed from the engine and all 8 cylinders are upgraded to prevent future failures.

Deep Reach style inserts should be used when only installing one insert during an in-frame installation. This will assure that all spark plug holes are the same and installation of the wrong spark plug can’t happen to an unsuspecting future owner of the vehicle.

FT514125CC4V counterbore cutter is used to trim out the corner of the bore. This tool is used when there are still good threads in the hole. Use this tool first when upgrading the head to fully threaded inserts.

Use a 6 point socket to drive the cutter. It has stops built in to prevent cutting too deeply. Use it only when upgrading to fully threaded inserts and only in holes that still have good threads. Do not use in stripped or previously failed thread repair holes.

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