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Petrol Engine Twin Camshaft Setting/Locking Tool Set

August 19th, 2009 · No Comments

Setting engine timing on all current Ford 16v, Twin Camshaft engines (Zetec/Duratec) requires the tools included in VS1152.V2 Set.
Additionally, replacement of the timing belt requires the crankshaft pulley to be removed and therefore Associated Tools VS1013 or VS4736 are needed, depending upon engine type.
1. On all current Ford 16v. twin cam engines (Zetec/Duratec), VS115/01 Setting Plate is used to lock the camshafts in the correct timing position via a slot at the rear of the camshafts.
2. For timing belt replacement on these applications it is important to ensure that the crankshaft is at TDC (see VS115/02 and VS115/03), and that VS115/01 Setting Plate is in position on the camshafts. The tensioner can then be slackened/compressed and the timing belt removed.
3. VS115/01 Setting Plate is also used on the latest Duratec HE chain drive twin cams.
4. With the setting plate locking the camshafts in position, the cam sprockets can be loosened, using a holding tool to counter-hold the sprocket whilst releasing the centre bolt. Some camshafts provide a hexagon to locate a spanner to counter-hold the camshaft.
5. Using the appropriate Location Pin ensure the crankshaft is at TDC before fitting new belt in an anti-clockwise direction. The tensioner should be applied following the manufacturer’s procedure. Using a suitable Sprocket Holding Tool, counter-hold the camshaft sprockets whilst tightening the centre bolt.
6. Remove setting plate and TDC pin.
7. Rotate the engine a least two revolutions and return to TDC position inserting location pin. Re-check camshaft position by ensuring that VS115/01 Setting Plate can be easily inserted into its slots. If not, re-check tensioning procedure again.
NOTE: For Fiesta/Escort 1.6i/1.8i and Mondeo 1.6/1.8/2.0 (-98) 16v. engines, only VS115/01 Cam Setting Plate is used. A crank pin entry point is not provided.

1. TDC Location Pins are used in conjunction with VS115/01 Cam Setting Plate to ensure correct timing position is established and maintained during engine timing applications on the following: VS115/02 – Fiesta/Fusion 1.25/1.4/1.6, Focus 1.4/1.6, Puma 1.4/1.6/1.7 16v, Mondeo 1.8/2.0 (chain) and Mazda 121 1.25 16v. VS115/03 – Focus 1.8/2.0 (98-02), Mondeo 1.6/1.8/2.0 , Cougar 2.0 16v.

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