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4.6 4V Cam Installation and Timino Instructions

August 24th, 2009 · No Comments

• Install camshafts, matching each cam to present cams in engine.
NOTE: Most cams are marked in positioning slot at rear of cam s haït
Example: LE=Lefl ExhausL Follow Ford procedure for Lorque
Pattern and values on cam caps-diagram 10,11
* Ensure key ways are down – use positioning tool – diagram 8.S
• Install secondary cam gears & chains — refer to service manual for timing mark locations {pull tensioner pins).
NOTE: Install all secondary gears without the keys If keys are Integral part of gear, remove by machining. – diagram 7

* Install primary chains and gears and tensioners (pull pins)-diagram 12.13
* Lock camshafts and torque cam bolts to 95ft/lbs.
Check lifter preload Using a collapsed lifter check preloaa when cam is on base circle. Zero dial indicator on lifter side of rocker and using rocker installation tool preload valve spring to determined preload valve spring to deformi nod preload. Use shims after lifters to achieve desired preload. (You can use Vaseline on bottom of lifters to hold shims during installation)
Set motor on TDC using Ford tool and remove.
Remove camshaft positioners and lock,
Install timing wheel on end of crankshaft with pointer and set at TDC – diagram 5
Rotate engine by way of flywheel 90 degrees ulock wise.
Install positive stop tool in #1 cylinder.
Rotate engine clockwise until you reach the stop, and record the number displayed on timing wheel.
Rotate engine counter clockwise until you reach positive stop and record the number again…

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