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1999-2005 Chevy 1/2-TON Silverado / GMC Sierra 4WD Superlift Rail Wrap Installation

September 4th, 2009 · No Comments

Installation requires a professional mechanic. Prior to beginning, inspect the vehicles steering, driveline, and brake systems, paying close attention to the suspension link arms and bushings, anti-sway bars and bushings, tie rod ends, pitman arm, ball joints and wheel bearings. Also check the steering sector-to-frame and all suspension-to-frame attaching points for stress cracks. The overall vehicle must be in excellent working condition; repair or replace all worn parts. Read instructions several times before starting. Be sure you have all needed parts and know where they install. Read each step completely as you go.

• These rail wraps will only fit a vehicle equipped with Superlift’s 6” F.I.T. Series lift system (#3330).
• Prior to beginning the installation, check all parts and hardware in the box with the parts list below. If you find a packaging error, contact Superlift directly. Do not contact the dealer where the system was originally purchased. You will need the control number from each box when calling; this number is located at the bottom of the part number label and to the right of the bar code.
• An arrow on diagrams indicates which direction is toward the front of the vehicle.
• A foot-pound torque reading is given in parenthesis ( ) after each appropriate fastener.
• Prior to drilling or cutting, check behind the surface being worked on for any wires, lines, or hoses that could be damaged.
• After drilling, file smooth any burrs and sharp edges.
• Paint or undercoat all exposed metal surfaces.
• Prior to attaching components, be sure all mating surfaces are free of grit, grease, undercoating, etc.
• A factory service manual should be on hand for reference.

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