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2000-08 Chevrolet, GMC & Hummer H2 (8-Lug) Torsion Key Front Lift/Leveling Kit

September 8th, 2009 · No Comments

Adjusting Lift/Leveling kit after installation
(1) Always wear proper eye protection! Position vehicle on a stable,flat surface and suspend front wheels, lifting by the frame with a floor jack or lift jack. Secure frame with jack stands. Chock tires and turn engine off prior to adjustment!
(2) Locate the two Torsion Key Adjusting Bolts in the cross member of your vehicle chassis.
(3) Using a ratchet wrench and 22mm socket,engage the Adjusting Bolt and SLOWLY turn CLOCKWISE to INCREASE ride height,or COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to DECREASE ride height. Each full turn of the Adjusting Bolt will alter ride height approximately 1/8″. Each half turn will result in a ride height change of approximately 1/16″. (4) Be sure to always check that both sides of the vehicle have been adjusted to the same ride height. Under no circumstances should this product be altered to adjust ride height beyond its design limits.

Remember! Any change to ride height will affect the vehicle’s Wheel Alignment and Handling! Always realign the vehicle after each adjustment,and be sure to adjust headlights as necessary.

Installation of this product modifies vehicle ride height. The driver of this vehicle should avoid unnecessary or abrupt maneuvers,sharp turns and other driving conditions that could lead to rollover or other serious accident. This product will affect vehicle center of gravity resulting in less than the original OE stability characteristics. The manufacturer of this product releases itself from any liability or consequence,inclusive but not limited to personal injury,failure of components or damage to vehicle or person as a result of installing this product.

Warranties may be declined for any parts installed by any person other than an ASE certified professional. No warranty will be made for any other OEM or aftermarket components that may be affected by the installation of this product either in use or during installation. This kit is intended for use on stock suspensions WITHOUT any previous modifications whatsoever. Installation of this kit in conjunction with other aftermarket products will be done at vehicle owner’s own risk,and voids any and all warranties.

Get pdf 2000-08 Chevrolet, GMC & Hummer H2 (8-Lug) Torsion Key Front Lift/Leveling Kit

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