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Link LB10 Installation Instructions

September 9th, 2009 · No Comments

The Link LB10 fits most of the following vans: Ford Econoline, Ford Aerostar, GMC Savana, Chevy Express, GMC Safari, Chevy Astro, and Dodge Ram Cargo Van.

Installation of the LB10 will vary depending on what type of vehicle you have and how you have it set up. Due to variables in different vehicles, the fit of the LB10 should be evaluated before beginning installation.
A. The LB10 Ramp is shipped partially assembled. Complete the assembly of the LB10 before beginning installation (See FIG. 2 on Page 3 for assembly details.)
B. Before starting installation, place the LB10 in position and check all clearance issues. Be sure there is adequate clearance between the LB10 and the van components (doors, door opening, seat.) Remember: You will need access to both the ramp handle (Item #29) and the lever assisted latch (Item #2.) Typically LB10 ramps are installed as far forward as possible.
C. Once positioned, mark the holes indicated for your van (see Table A below to identify which mount holes to use.) Set aside the ramp and the step mount plate (Item #30.) Before drilling, verify hole location to be sure they are accessible and will not damage important van components. Check under van to ensure no damage will occur in that area.
D. Drill holes.
E. Remove the ramp from the step mount plate (Item #30) and bolt the mount plate in place using the supplied fasteners (Item #’s 7, 16, & 19). (See Page 3 for details)
F. Attach the ramp and confirm smooth operation and clearances.

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