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60-87 GM PU Bolt-In IFS Instructions

September 10th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Working on a table is the easiest way to install the lower A-arms to the crossmember. See page 3 for fastener size and location.
2. Find these parts to assemble the lower A-arm. The balljoint comes pressed-in. Refer to the HARDWARD PAGE 3 for fastener sizes. The lower A-arms need to be installed on crossmember first
3. Steering stops go toward the rear
4. Grease all (4) bushings inside and out, along with the cross shaft and the holes in A-arms and in the crossmember on each side. Install the 4 urethane bushings.

5. Use only a plastic mallet or rubber hammer to tap the shaft through the first 2 bushings. Then, install a 3/4-inch i.d.spacer between the bushing and the crossmember. Continue to tap the pivot shaft through the crossmember.
6. Tap the cross shaft through just enough to add the spacer.
7. As the pivot shaft meets the other side of the crossmember, install another 3/4-inch i.d. spacer. You should have one spacer on each side of the crossmember.
8. Continue tapping the shaft through the last 2 bushings, then stop with about 1/4-inch of shaft sticking out.
9. Use the aluminum capshaft screw (5/16NF X 3/4 countersunk) to tap the shaft through the last 1/4-inch.

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