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Kodiak Kits Installation Instructions

September 13th, 2009 · No Comments

Step Installation: Complete Part One, then find the section for specific instructions for your model vehicle.
Part One: Rear bracket attachment
Step 1) Attach the rear brackets to the step as shown in Figure 1, using a washer, E, and nut, I, on each stud. Tighten each nut.
Step 2) Place the cross member in position as shown in Figure 2, and secure using washers D and F, and one nut, H on each stud. Leave fasteners loose, as the bracket slots will be used to determine exact fit of rear upright bracket.

Part Two: Mounting the Step
Step 1) Measure from rear edge of door toward the front of the vehicle as shown in Figure 3. The first bolt hole location on the flange under the door will be Dimension ‘X’ (see Table 1) forward, and ― “ up from the underside edge (as shown in Figure 4). The second bolt hole will be 5 ž” forward from the first hole, and ―” up from the lower edge of the rocker panel. Mark both hole locations with a scribe or marker.
Step 2) Center punch each of the marks and drill both holes using a 1/8” drill bit for a pilot, followed by a 5/16” drill bit.
Step 3) Place the step in position, resting the front of the main bracket on the kick-panel. Install the two (2) 5/16-18 x ū button head cap screws. Temporarily tighten the step into position.
Step 4) Loosely assemble the short angle brackets to the step, as shown in Figure 4. NOTE: The step may also be mounted to the body floor rib as shown in Alternate Figure 4 . Place the flange of each bracket against the vehicle frame, and hand tighten all fasteners to hold step tread level or angled upwards slightly. Mark the rear mounting holes in the frame with a scribe or marker. Remove the short angle brackets, and the step if necessary, to provide room for drilling the rear mounting holes.
Step 5) Center punch the rear mounting hole marks on the vehicle frame. Drill the mounting holes using first a 1/8” drill bit for a pilot, followed by a 5/16” drill bit.

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