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Guardian II Commercial Lift Interlock GRD602-C Installation Instructions

September 14th, 2009 · No Comments

GUARDIAN MODULE – Remove the lower dash panel below the steering column. The Guardian Module should be positioned in a secure area below the steering column. It can be secured using self tapping screws, adhesive foam tape, or wire ties. Do not secure the module until all harnesses are installed and proper lift operation has been verified.

LED DISPLAY PANEL – This harness can be identified by the blue tape near the 6-pin connector. Locate a suitable position on the dashboard, within view of the driver for the mounting of the LED Display Panel. The length of the display harness is 40”. This is the maximum distance the display can be from the Guardian module. Drill a พ” hole in the dashboard where you wish the center of the display to be. Snap the blue taped end of the LED display harness into the Guardian Module in the connector labeled in blue “Display”. Run the other end of the harness under the dash and out through the พ” hole. Snap the end of the display harness into the LED Display Panel. Ensure panel is level, and secure using the supplied screws.

LIFT HARNESS – This harness can be identified by the green tape near the 6-pin connector. Attach the red wire with the inline fuse to the vehicle battery positive post (run wire through bulkhead see FIG. 2). There is a large eyelet taped to the fuse holder that can be used for this purpose. Attach the black wire with the eyelet to a good ground point. Run the gray cable back towards the lift (Foot-well and drivers kick panel trim may be removed for harness routing). The black wire in the gray cable will attach to the lift door switch. This switch must provide a ground only when the lift door is open. Attach the red wire in the gray cable to the interlock input to the lift. This wire will provide 12V to the lift when all interlock conditions are met. Maximum current for this circuit is 8A.
Application compatible for:
Chevy/GMC Full Size Van (GMT 610)
2008 – All Engines
2009 – All Engines Except 6.6L

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