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GMC Wipers Electric Motor Replacement for OEM Hydraulic Wiper Motor

September 17th, 2009 · No Comments

This is the installed electric motor conversion kit. Notice that the base plate is attached through the same bolt holes which held the hydraulic wiper motor in place. The pivot bolt for the Idler Arm Assembly is in the same position as the shaft of the hydraulic motor and the Linkage Arm (hidden at top) is the same length and configuration as that on the OEM motor, with one exception: the OEM driver and passenger wiper linkages were held to the linkage arm by latches; this design uses washers and cotter pins instead.

The geometry of the Motor Arm, the Idler arm, and the Connecting link with the ball joint on each end makes the Linkage Arm move in exactly the same motion as did the motor arm on the hydraulic motor, with three exceptions: 1. Holes in the Idler Arm allow the wiper arm sweep to be set to one of three fixed arcs to allow for variations in assembly and wear between different coaches. 2. A slotted ball joint hole in the motor arm allows infinitely variable adjustment around the fixed sweeps established by those holes. 3. The length of the link between the ball joints can be changed to adjust the position of the wipers’ sweep arc, minimizing the need to move the wiper arms on their pivots.

The Lumina APV motor is shown with the motor housing extending to the driver’s side of the GMC (3 o’clock position). Late production mounting bases have 3 additional holes which allow the motor to be oriented to the 7 o’clock position.

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