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Flip Tarp Assembly Instructions

September 17th, 2009 · No Comments

The Flip tarp is designed and pre-assembled for a drivers side mount, however it can also be mounted on the passenger side by applying some simple modifications. FOR A DRIVERS SIDE MOUNT SKIP TO STEP II.
Modifications for a drivers side mount
a. Locate the power unit mounting plate in the motor assembly.
b. Unbolt the mounting plate and rotate 180 degrees. Re-place bolts.
c. Unbolt the actuator and rotate it until the valves are one bolt pattern off vertical, pointing down and towards the power pack. Re-place bolts. (task is best accomplished with 2 people, one holds the actuator which weighs approx. 50 lbs, and the other removes and places the bolts.)
d. Unbolt the Sun Hydraulic Counterbalance Valve and rotate it 180 degrees. Re-place bolts.

Front and rear arm assemblies
a. Attach the straight arm and the bent arm to the mounting angle using 5/8”x 6” bolts with washers placed under the bolt head and the nut. Snug the nut against the ear; do NOT deform ears when tightening.
b. When mounting the arms, mount the bents arms to the middle most ears in relation to the trailer body.
c. The end plate is then bolted between the two arms. Adjust the end plate so that it clears the trailer by approximately one (1) inch.

Connecting the arm and the motor assembly to the trailer body
a. Once the front arm is assembled, position the holes in the outside of the mounting plate on the out side of the straight arm in alignment with the holes on the three-inch angle located on the motor assembly. Bolt the mounting plate to the motor assembly.
b. Using a lifting device such as a forklift or a crane, lift the two pieces until the mounting angle for the arms is resting on the side of the truck, and the back plate of motor assembly is flush against the front of the trailer.
c. Clamp the motor assembly and the mounting plate to the trailer. If necessary shim under the mounting plate.
d. Drill holes and bolt mounting plate to the trailer.
e. Make sure that the motor assembly is still properly placed; adjust connection between mounting plate and motor assembly if needed.
f. Drill holes and bolt motor assembly into place.

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