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Low Profile Light Bar Mounting Instructions

September 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

1. Two people will be needed to complete this task.
2. Place ONLY THE MOUNTING END CASTING into the rain-gutters of your vehicle.
3. Level each Mounting End Casting so that the top flat area is parallel to the horizon.
4. Take a tape measure and measure the distance between each open end of each Mounting End Casting .
5. Add 2 inches to that dimension.
6. Subtract that total from the total length of the bar, which is 56″.
7. Take the difference and divide it by two.
8. The amount divided by two is the amount you will cut off each end of your bar.

1. Please read the Light Bar Cutting Instructions on the other side carefully.
2. Measure and mark a line using the information from the Light Bar Cutting Instruction on both ends of the steel bar.
3. Clamp the end of a bar into a vise. (Be careful not to scar the finish of the light bar).
4. Using a hacksaw, cut carefully along the marked lines. If a vise is not available, put the bar on a table, secure tightly and cut.
5. Place the black plastic booties on the feet of each casting.
6. With the holes in the bar, in the up position, take the casting and by squeezing the end of the bar, place the casting on the bar, until the inside top wall of the casting is flat against the inside of the bar.
7. Take a 5/16″ Allen head screw and put it through the hole in the casting, and the slot in the bar, with the head of the screw in the up position. (If there is no slot in the bar after cutting the bar to the length, place both castings on the bar, position the entire bar on the truck in its final position so that each casting sets completely in the rain gutters. Use the top holes in the castings as a guide and mark the holes on both ends of the bar. Take the castings off the bar and drill out the marked holes with 5/16” drill bit).
8. Take the larger washer and put it inside the bar, with the 5/16″ Allen head screw, going through the washer.
IMPORTANT: Be sure that the large washer is completely underneath the casting.
9. With the larger washer in position, take a nylon lock nut and Allen wrench provided, and lightly tighten the bar to casting.
10. Follow the same procedure in steps 5 – 9 to attach other casting to the bar.
11. With both of the castings lightly tightened to the bar, take the entire bar and place the bar, with the castings, into the rain gutter of your vehicle. Note: If your vehicle does not have rain gutters, please refer to the SPECIAL NOTE on the other side of this page.
12. Loosen, DO NOT REMOVE hardware on bar and casting.

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