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2000-Up Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon 2/3 Torsion Bar/Coil Spring Complete Lowering Kit Instructions

September 24th, 2009 · No Comments

This kit has been specifically engineered for the 2000 to current GMT 820 series ½ Ton Sport Utility Vehicles. Please note that this Belltech lowering kit will lower these vehicles approximately 2 inches in front and 3 inches in the rear. We DO NOT RECOMMEND using this lowering kit on vehicles where other aftermarket suspension components have been previously installed. If the vehicle’s suspension has been modified from stock, please return it to its exact original configuration prior to installing this kit.

In order to properly lower your vehicle and to improve handling performance, we recommend using only high quality Belltech Nitro-Drop® or Nitro-Active® shock absorbers. Note that shorter front and rear shocks are required during installation of this kit.

We recommend that you install Belltech front (#5406) and rear (#5506) Anti-Sway Bars to further improve your vehicle’s handling and performance.

As this is a relatively involved installation, we recommend that a qualified mechanic at a properly equipped facility perform it. We also recommend that the installation be performed on a firm, flat and level surface, such as seasoned asphalt or concrete. The use of safe and properly maintained equipment is very important! In order to document any possible irregularities in the factory ride height of your vehicle, please take a few moments to fill out the Belltech Vehicle Inspection Record included with these instructions. We also recommend measuring and recording all stock driveline angles prior to installing this kit. This information may be helpful if vibration problems arise after installation.
1. Jacking, Supporting, and Preparing the Vehicle
a) Working from the LH front wheel opening, measure the LH ride height as described by the Belltech Vehicle Inspection Record. Repeat for the RH side of vehicle. Be sure to record these measurements so that proper ride-height can be set in subsequent Steps.
b) Block the rear wheels of the vehicle with appropriate wheel chocks. Make sure the vehicle’s transmission is in “Park” (automatic) or 1st gear (manual-if offered). Activate the parking brake.
c) Loosen, but DO NOT REMOVE, the front and rear wheel lug nuts.
d) Using a properly rated floor jack, lift the front of the vehicle off the ground. Lift the vehicle so that the front tires are approximately 6-8 inches off the ground surface.
e) Support the front of the vehicle using two (2) support stands, rated for the vehicle’s weight. The stands should be positioned, one on each of the frame rail, just rearward of the front wheel openings. Prior to lowering the vehicle onto stands, make sure the supports will securely contact the straight, flat portions of the frame rails.

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