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2007-2008 Chevy 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 Silverado/Sierra VPI Cold Air Performance Intake System Installation

October 4th, 2009 · No Comments

Installation Instructions:
1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Then loosen all three factory hose clamps located at the Mass Air Flow (MAF) meter and both factory intake tube.
2. Remove black cover on throttle body by pulling up and sliding towards front of truck. It is held by two grommets. Gently pry the radiator hose bracket from the factory intake tube assembly and remove the tube from the vehicle. A flat head screwdriver may be used.
3. Remove the factory air filter base and lid as an assembly. There are no bolts, just friction mounts, so just pull straight up on the air filter base to remove. Then remove the plate that held the base and lid. There are (5) 10mm bolts to unscrew to remove the plate. After everything is removed it should look like the picture above.
4. Install the black plastic filter adapter ring using the (3)1/4 20 Screws and washers provided.
5. Position the VPI Intake Box over the inner fender cavity and secure with the (3) factory bolts you removed from the bottom plate.
6. Slide the factory MAF meter back onto the black plastic filter adapter ring. Important: Factory clamp/rubber bushing must be in place on the inlet to the MAF meter.
7. Install the hump hose provided onto the VPI Intake Tube with the supplied hose clamps.
Note: Slide the hump hose all the way onto the end of the tube.
8. Insert grommet and fitting into hole on VPI tube. Connect intake tube (with the now attached hump hose) to the MAF. Tighten clamps. Connect 3/8 hose from VPI tube to valve cover.
Note: It may be necessary to lubricate fitting with water to slide the breather hose on.
9. Connect intake tube end into the throttle body using factory GM coupler that is provided.
Final Steps
Check for any foreign objects or debris in the intake path. Double check your work, to make sure all nuts, bolts and clamps are fastened securely. Reconnect the negative battery cable.

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