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Stake Pocket Pop-Up Installation Instructions

October 9th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Read and understand these instructions before proceeding. If you drop a screw down in some stake pocket holes it is difficult to retrieve. Some installers prefer to apply masking tape around the stake pocket holes to prevent scratches. Remove the tape before tightening the assembly screws.
2. Select the correct stake pocket insert. The flat model is used for the 88-98 Chevy & GMC models. All other trucks use the insert with the bent flanges. The bent flange style should be oriented with the bent wings pointing up like this: [__________]
3. Slide the rubber gasket, then insert, onto the Stake Pocket Pop-Up to dry fit the pieces together. Line up the holes in all the parts. You must understand what is the front and back orientation of the insert to install the parts correctly.
4. Place the correct insert in the stake pocket hole. Use strips of tape or short lengths of thin wire to hold it up and in place.
5. Slide the main Stake Pocket Pop-Up piece with the rubber gasket installed through the hole in the insert.
6. Start 2 of the provided screws through the Stake Pocket Pop-Up, gasket, and into the insert.
7. Remove the tape or wire used to hold the insert.
8. Start the other 2 screws through the Stake Pocket Pop-Up, gasket, and into the insert.
9. Pull the assembly up so the insert is centered in the stake pocket hole, and alternately tighten opposing screws until the assembly is pulled up but not tight.
10. Tighten the other 2 screws until they are flush with the top of the Stake Pocket Pop-Up.
11. Tighten all 4 screws, being careful to not distort any vehicle sheet metal.
To release the Stake Pocket Pop-Up, use your thumb, finger, or a coin in the slot to twist the center ¼ turn in either direction. To close the Stake Pocket Pop-Up, push the center piece back down into the hole until it is flush then rotate ¼ turn in either direction.

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