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Jet Trax Watercraft and Motorcycle Mounting Plate Installation Instructions

October 10th, 2009 · No Comments

These instructions are to insure proper installation, which will enhance the safety and reliability of your Jet Trax System. The Jet Trax System is designed to provide years of dependable service without undue maintenance cost or operations problems. By following these step-by-step instructions, your Jet Trax System will become a secure and reliable transporting and loading device.

Read these instructions completely before starting the installation. Pay particular attention to all of the safety notes.

Installation of the Universal Mounting Plate
This mounting plate can be used on all Jet Trax systems. The basic installation consists of:
Bolting down the furnished mounting plate
Bolting the Jet Trax System to the plate.
Bolting down the rear of the Jet Trax system

You will find a ―” X 3” X 48” flat bar packed with your system. This bar has smooth holes drilled through it and also has threaded holes to accept the 2 ž “ long bolts found in the hardware bag located in the battery box.
A. Slide the Jet Trax unit into the truck bed, and close the tail gate, making sure that the Jet Trax unit has approximately ―” clearance in the back with the tail gate closed. Scribe a mark along the front of the 3” channel at the front of the truck bed. This will show you where the universal mounting plate is to be mounted. Center the universal mounting plate in the truck bed along the scribe line.
a. On a FORD, use the holes outside of the tapped holes. Drill two 9/16” holes through the bed and secure with 2 ―” bolts and nuts provided. A 3” square plate is provided to be used as a large washer and add structural support under the bed of the truck.
b. On a DODGE, CHEVROLET, or GMC truck, two holes must be drilled. Choose two holes in the plate that are between the tapped holes. Mark the hole location and drill a 9/16” hole through the bed and bed cross members and secure with the 5 ―” bolts and nuts provided.
B. Once the mounting plate is installed, slide the Jet Trax unit into the truck bed, until the 3” channel iron on the front of the Jet Trax straddles the mounting plate. Put the 2 ž” bolts into the lock washers and flat washers, then through the oval holes in the Jet Trax base. The bolts will go into the threaded holes in the mounting plate. Tighten securely. Check all mounting hardware periodically.

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