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99-up Chevy/GMC Truck Tailgate Cap Instructions

October 16th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Remove the factory plastic tailgate cap.
A. Remove any tape residue from the truck by wrapping a cloth shop towel or terry cloth rag tightly around knuckles and push firmly against remaining tape.
B. Remove any remaining glue or dirt with Naptha, Paint Thinner or Adhesive Remover. Then clean surface with Isopropyl alcohol and wipe clean.
C. If you have purchased the gray smooth paintable Tailgate Cap go to step 2; if you have purchased the black textured Tailgate Cap go to step 3.
2. Paint Smooth Tailgate Cap according to painting instructions on back of this page. Do not paint black textured Tailgate Cap – this one is meant to be left black.
3. To Install: Peel upper tape protective strip (see #1 below). Then peel back 1”-2” of lower tape protective strip (see #2 below) and fold downward to create a pull tab. Center the cap and push down onto the tailgate, holding the exposed tape on lower corner away from the tailgate until cap is in place. Now slowly pull down on tab and pull protective strip from under the lower edge of tailgate cap. Once the strip is removed, push firmly against cap to set the tape.
Warranty is void if factory tailgate is not cleaned according to instructions and if installation instructions are not followed.

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