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99-02 Chevy/GMC K1500 4×4 6″ Suspension lift Installation Instructions

October 18th, 2009 · No Comments

1. With vehicle on flat level ground set the emergency brake and block the rear tires. Place floor jack under the lower control arm’s front cross member and raise vehicle. Place jack stands under frame rails, behind the front wheel wells then and lower the frame onto the stands.
2. Remove both front factory skid plates located in front of and under the front differential using 15mm socket.
WARNING: Be extremely careful when loading or unloading the torsion bars; there is a tremendous amount of stored energy (load pressure) in the bars. Keep your hands and body clear of the adjuster arm assembly and puller tool in case anything slips or breaks.
3. Locate the torsion bar adjuster bolt on the bottom of the rear cross member, measure and record the length of the torsion bar adjusting bolt that is exposed below the nut, and remove the torsion bar adjusting bolt. Apply a small amount of lubricating grease to the puller threads and the puller shaft-to-adjuster arm contact point. Position puller and load adjuster arm until the adjuster nut can be removed from the cross member. With the bar unloaded, slide it further forward into the lower control arm. If the bar seems lodged, use a hammer and punch through the hole in back of the cross member. When the bar shifts forward, the adjuster will fall free. Repeat this process on passenger side.
4. With torsion bars removed from rear cross member, remove torsion bar cross member using 21mm socket. With cross member removed, remove the torsion bars from the vehicle, be sure to mark driver and passenger for reinstallation.
5. Remove front tires and remove the front shocks using 21mm socket and 15mm wrench. Remove front sway bar links using 9/16 wrench. Be sure to save sway bar link bushings. They will be reused in further installation.
6. Remove the tie rod end nut from knuckle using 18mm socket. Remove the tie rod end from the knuckle by striking the knuckle to dislodge the tie rod end. Be careful not to damage the tie rod end.

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