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2004–2008 GMC Duramax 6.6 Fitch Part # F7582028BD, F75836BD

October 21st, 2009 · No Comments

Do not smoke or be near open flame while performing installation. Wear eye protection as the fuel system is under pressure.
Kit includes
• Installation bracket, fuel line disconnect tool, and cable/zip ties.
• EFI multi port fuel injection hose and fuel line quick connect fittings.

Installation Procedure
• Unscrew the gas cap to release residual pressure in the fuel system.
• Locate the fuel RETURN line (smaller of the 2 lines) containing the fuel line quick connect fitting. This connection is located at the rear of the engine near the fire wall on the driver’s side. This kit is designed for mounting location of the driver’s side stud on the master brake cylinder stud.
• Install hose containing the female connector to the Bottom of the Fitch unit and the hose containing the male connector to the Top of Fitch unit; ensure that fittings are tight to prevent leaks. Mock fit to master brake cylinder stud and adjust hose positions.
• Center mounting bracket on Fitch unit & mount the FFC unit to the vehicle securely.
• Make sure the arrow on Fitch unit is facing in the UPRIGHT POSITION.
• Now that the unit is in place, disconnect the fuel line using the enclosed disconnect tool. Before disconnecting, wrap the fitting with a rag or paper towel to catch any fuel spillage. There will be a 1/2” and 3/8” connection at the rear of the engine. You will be using the top line which is the 3/8”. Refer to page 2 on how to disconnect the quick connect fitting.
• Reconnect the fuel line Male on the vehicle to the Female connector from the Fitch Unit and the Female fuel line connector to the Male connector on the Fitch unit making sure both fittings are securely snapped into place.
• Turn the key to the “on” (not crank) position, wait 10 seconds, turn the key off and repeat 4 – 5 times. This is to prime the fuel system.
• Double check all connections for leaks, and also make sure fuel lines do not come in contact with any of the exhaust, intake, or cooling system components. Priming/Bleeding the system may be needed but varies with every installation to ensure the removal of any air in the fuel line.
• Start vehicle and hold steadily at 1500 rpm for 60 seconds to cycle fuel through system to eliminate air in system.

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