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2001-2004 GM 1500HD/2500HD/3500HD Torsion Key

October 24th, 2009 · No Comments

Before you begin please make sure you are installing these keys on an HD series Chevrolet or GMC truck. These keys will not work on a standard 1500 series ― ton Silverado or Sierra. These are for HD models only.

Working with torsion bars can be dangerous! Follow ALL precautions when installing the leveling keys. The methods described in this guide should be performed by a professional. will hold no liability or responsibility for injuries or damage that occur due to the use of this guide. Working with torsion bar suspension systems can be extremely dangerous and injury or death can occur. strongly suggests having a professional install the torsion leveling keys.

What is included in this kit?
The leveling kit includes a pair of torsion bar adjusting keys and installation instructions. The new keys have a slightly different receiving socket that allows the stock torsion bars to provide additional suspension lift. The benefit of using the leveling keys is additional lift while maintaining the factory adjusting bolt in the stock setting.

Tools required for installation:
To install these leveling keys you will need access to a good hydraulic floor jack and jack stands, a GM style torsion bar unloading tool, (or similar puller) and a metric socket / wrench set. The total time required to install these keys is generally less than two hours. If you live in the “rust belt” it is a good idea to apply rust penetrant onto the keys / adjusting bolt and torsion bar HEX shaped areas before beginning to make removal and installation easier.

Will my vehicle need to be aligned once it has been leveled?
The answer is YES! The front end alignment MUST be checked and adjusted as needed once the leveling keys have been installed. Most vehicles will require a slight toe adjustment (increase toe in) to ensure your alignment is as the factory intended it to be. We recommend for those that install the leveling keys at home to have the alignment checked as soon as possible to prevent any uneven tire wear or poor vehicle handling.

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