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2004 – 2007 GMC Canyon Grille Insert Installation Instructions

October 27th, 2009 · No Comments

The following are some general guidelines that will simplify the installation process and make owning your GrilleGuy grille an enjoyable experience.
• Always place the head of the zip ties behind the grille for a cleaner more custom look. A galvanized /stainless picture hanging wire (not included) can be substituted for the cable ties.
• Occasional use of an aluminum polish will give your raw grille a brilliant shine
Hardware list:
2 perforated aluminum grille inserts
10 weather resistant nylon cable ties

A 2005 GMC Canyon is used to demonstrate the installation. These instructions are applicable to all the models listed above.
Tools required: A pair of wire cutters or snips to cut the wire or tie wraps used to mount the grill, a 13mm wrench or socket and a flat blade screw driver.
Start by getting under the front bumper of your truck, there is no need for a lift as there is plenty of space. Remove the two screws that hold the plastic air deflector between the radiator and the bumper, and remove the air deflector.

This will allow access behind the existing GMC grille where you will install the Grilleguy insert. Next you need to pry two of the lower grill mounts out of their holes; the middle one is shown below and needed to pass the grill behind and the passenger side allows more movement of the OEM grill. Be careful not to break the plastic parts.

Now slide the larger grille insert at and angle up thru the opening between the middle grille mount and the passenger side mount, with the finished side of the grille facing forward and the top (longest side) facing the driver’s side or up. Now gently flex the OEM grill forward and slide the driver’s side of the Grilleguy insert up past the OEM grille mount and into position behind the GMC grille as shown below. This may require a little wiggling and flexing of the insert but is not really difficult. Once the grille is in this position you can push the grille mounts back into their holes.

Get pdf 2004 – 2007 GMC Canyon Grille Insert Installation Instructions

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