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Honda Reflex Windscreen Installation/Removal

October 30th, 2009 · No Comments

Tools/Supplies: Phillips screwdriver, windscreen, maybe glue
Step 1­ Remove the 2 screws just below the “HONDA” decal on the front cowl (just below the windscreen).
Step 2 ­ Remove the 2 screws on the pillars that connect the sides of the windscreen to the scooter (1 screw on each pillar, screw heads face driver)
Step 3 ­ Remove front cowl from the top and remove the rubber trim and cowl at the same time. Be careful not to damage the tabs.
Step 4 ­ Remove the 6 screws holding the windscreen on. BE CAREFUL! There are grommets and washers that have a tendency to fall into narrow locations if you’re not careful. They are retrievable by removing lower body panels if you do though.
Step 5 ­ For installation of new windscreen, just reverse order. The rubber trim can be temperamental when re­installing. Some people have had to glue it in to get it to stay, but have patience. It fit before you took it off.

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