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1997 Honda Civic CX Magnaflow Exhaust System Installation

October 28th, 2009 · No Comments

Yes, it is somewhat simple and assumes that you’re fairly handy with exhaust systems. However, some of us don’t swap exhaust systems every other Saturday, so I’ll try to provide enough details so that most of you can do this (with the right tools, of course). Okay, the first thing you should do is spray each flange bolt with WD-40, Liquid Wrench, or equivalent stuff. Here’s what the OEM piping/flange connections look like after spraying.

Oops, I almost forgot to mention getting the car up in the air with enough space for you to crawl under……As you know, supporting the car properly is a life or death matter. Many an ignorant person was killed when an inadequate car support system failed. If you are unsure about how secure a support member is, ask an experienced person to lend you a hand. The easiest way to support the front of the car is to simply drive it up on ramps: These are Rhino ramps (about $30) and are very light/easy to carry around

Use jack stands to support the rear of the car as shown. Jack the rear with the hydraulic jack’s saddle centered on the welded support plate, just behind the tow hook. Okay, let’s get back to installing that exhaust system! Step 1 in the Magnaflow procedure tells you to unbolt the OEM muffler. Use a 12 and a 15 mm socket to remove the two spring bolts from the forward flanged junction.

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