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2002 Honda VTX 1800 R & S 3″ BIG Straights Installation Instructions

October 28th, 2009 · No Comments

Take care when removing all mechanical fasteners – including nuts, bolts, washers, clips or pins – that secure or support your motorcycle’s stock exhaust system. Replace all damaged, twisted, cross-threaded, corroded or broken fasteners, clips or supports prior to installing this Hard-Krome exhaust system on your motorcycle.

WARNING: Allow sufficient time for your motorcycle’s engine and exhaust system to cool down prior to removal of the stock exhaust and installation of this Hard-Krome exhaust system. It is safe to work on your motorcycle when the engine and exhaust system are cool to the touch.

Stock Exhaust System Removal
1. Remove right side Foot peg assembly or Floorboard. (Whichever is applicable to your model.)
2. Remove O2 sensors from each muffler and cover with supplied cap plug.
3. Loosen clamps at mufflers.
4. Remove bolts that are holding mufflers at rear mounting bracket.
5. Remove mufflers.
6. Remove the two nuts that secure the rear exhaust header pipe to the rear cylinder head.
7. Remove rear pipe assembly.
8. Remove the two nuts that secure the front exhaust header pipe to the front cylinder head.
9. Remove front pipe assembly.

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