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03-09 Honda Ruckus NPS50 Sequential LED Tail Light Installation Guide

October 28th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Unplug 3 connections from back of factory tail light
2. Connect to LED tail light with the following configuration:
Green/Black – Black (Ground)
Green – White (Brake)
Black – Red (Park)
Note: Color may differ on various years. If the configuration is not correct simply swap the wires around until the tail light functions properly.

Sequential Signal:
1. Please use supplied sub harness to connect the sequential signals
2. Connect the blue and yellow wire on the shorter end of the sub-harness to the corresponding blue and yellow on the LED tail light. Make sure the connector is pushed all the way in and use the green covers to insulate.
3. Disconnect and remove factory signal lamps. We recommend one at a time.
4. Locate the longer end of the sub-harness and connect the blue/black wires to the left signal output and the yellow/black wire to the right signal output.
5. Insulate as necessary and cable tie any wires out of the way.

License Plate LED Light:
1. Locate the small hole on the back of the tail light.
2. Use a paper clip or similar to press the blue toggle button to turn on or off the LED license plate light as desired.

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