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K20A/A2/A3/Z1 Throttle Body To RBC/RRB/RBB Intake Manifold Adapter Installation Instructions

October 30th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Remove the EVAP hose, brake booster hose, PCV hose, vacuum hose, water bypass hoses, throttle cable, fuel lines, fuel injector connectors, IAC valve connector, TP sensor connector, MAP sensor connector, and EVAP canister purge valve connector from your current intake manifold and throttle body setup.
2. Remove the throttle body.
3. Remove the intake manifold brackets, intake manifold, and intake manifold gasket.
If adapting an Accord Euro R or 06 Civic Si intake manifold onto an 02-06 RSX/ITR or 02-05 Civic Si/CTR style head, continue to follow the remaining “PREPARATION” steps, otherwise skip to “INSTALLATION”
4. Line up a K20A/A2/A3/Z1 intake manifold gasket with the intake ports of the RBC/RRB manifold, and mark the manifold for cutting.
5. Use a vice to hold the manifold securely, and cut the majority of the coolant passage from the manifold with a metal cutting disk.
6. To clean up the cut and contour the manifold according to the markings, use a 60 grit flap disk with your grinder.
7. Locate the port on your RBC/RRB manifold flange that stems from the nipple atop the manifold. Mark and drill a 15/32” hole into the intake manifold gasket to line up with this port. For ease of drilling and sealing, use a Hondata (or equivalent) 02-06 K20 intake manifold heat shield type gasket.

1. Line up the 16176-RBC-004 throttle body gasket as shown.
2. With a 6mm Allen Wrench, bolt the adapter onto the intake manifold with four M8 socket head cap screws.
3. Line up the 16176-PRB-A01 throttle body gasket as shown.
4. Bolt your K20A/A2/A3/Z1 throttle body to the adapter with the remaining M8 hex head cap screws and M8 lock washers.
5. Actuate your K20A/A2/A3/Z1 throttle body by hand and observe if there are any interferences with the throttle body rotor and the adapter when opening up to simulate full throttle. If any interferences are observed, loosen the M8 hex head cap screws and re-position the throttle body (The K20A/A2/A3/Z1 throttle body has large hole clearances which allow a bit of adjustment if just loosening the hardware and re-adjusting the throttle body position). If the throttle body bore is on-center with the adapter bore, you can observe that no interferences will be seen.

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