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Honda Shadow Sabre Spark Plug Covers Installation Instructions

November 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

If you only ordered the pair of covers for the two diagonal spots with “holes” (the Left Front and the Right Rear plugs), you will not have the M6 Phillips head screws in your package, nor the large allen wrench. If you only ordered the two diagonal covers for the spots without “holes” (the Left Rear and the Right Front plugs), then you will not have the brackets, the 1 ū” screws, the ―” set screws, nor the small allen wrench.
Tools you will need to provide:
- medium Phillips head screw driver

Before proceeding with the installation instructions:
The install procedure should take about 1 hour.
Remember to handle the parts carefully. Remove them from the packaging with great care. Remember, if you scratch the mirror finish, you may not return the parts to us. We carefully inspect each cover for any defects before packaging. Before beginning installation, the engine must be cold, or you will certainly cause yourself pain during the installation process. Please read over the entire installation process before beginning the installation.

Install the Left Front Cover
1. Carefully pull off the spark plug cable, grasping it from as far down the boot as possible so as not to damage the cable.
2. Insert the set screw into the bracket and using your fingers adjust the amount of screw sticking through the bracket to the point that you get a fair amount of resistance when you slide it into the space between the second and third cooling fins. Insert the bracket so that the two “legs” of the bracket are recessed about ž inch from the beginning of the opening.
3. Tighten the screw with the small allen wrench provided. As you tighten the screw the bracket may move and twist a little. If the bracket tries to “walk” out of the opening, you may want to hold onto it with your other hand as you tighten the screw. Do not over tighten the screw! Tighten it until you notice the bracket beginning to bend a little in the center near the cover-mounting screw. When it is tight, if the bracket is very twisted, you should be able to twist it a little with your fingers or by using a pair of pliers.

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