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TUbliss Installation Instructions

November 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

First time installation will require drilling a 10mm hole in your rim. After the TUbliss Core is installed on the rim, it stays on the rim. It’s not necessary, nor recommended, to remove it when changing tires. We recommend installing TUbliss on new tires that have never been mounted. OEM rim locks leave impressions on the inside of your old tire and any tears or damage from a previous installation may cause leaks or other problems.

1 Remove existing tire, tube, rim lock, and rim strip from wheel.
Thoroughly clean all dirt, debris, and adhesive residue from duct tape securing old rim strip. Use a solvent or cleaner if necessary and allow to dry completely.
2 For first time installation, you may need to drill a 10mm hole.
NOTE: DO NOT use the large valve stem hole on Honda OEM rims! Doing so will allow the rim lock to move causing failure. A 10mm hole MUST be used for the rim lock and an 8mm hole for the valve stem. Many rims already feature the extra 10mm hole. It is best to have the rim lock hole and TUbliss valve stem hole next to each other. Reference the photo below for optimum location. If your rim requires drilling of a hole, start a small pilot hole first and then open it up with the 10mm drill bit. Carefully inspect both holes and remove any burs or sharp edges with a file or sandpaper.
3 Apply the supplied reinforced rim tape around the inside of the wheel. Be sure to keep it centered so the spoke nipples are completely covered. Carefully cut and remove the tape over the rim lock and valve stem holes with a small knife.
4 Coat the inside of the TUbliss Liner with talc or baby powder.
5 Lay the rim on its side. A 5-gallon bucket works best for keeping the wheel off the ground and preventing damage to the disc and sprocket.

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