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Body Badge Installation

November 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

The badges are made from layers of foil and other materials, all covered with a pliable urethane clear “lens.” They are thin, not more than 1/16 inch thick, so they are very slick and appear to have been molded right into the painted surface of the body work. In comparison, the raised stock badges and aftermarket versions look rather crude. Since the badge colors match the various car colors perfectly, the integrated appearance of the badges is all the more striking. Depending on the color of your car and the color of the badge you chose, the end result could be very subtle and sophisticated or more striking. To avoid mistakes, please read these directions fully before beginning.

Required items:
• Xenit Adhesive remover from Stoner, or 3M Adhesive Remover available from your local auto store
• Waxed dental floss
• General purpose masking tape
• Soft cotton detailing towel
• Isopropyl Alcohol and cotton balls or alcohol swabs
• Optional: aftermarket finishing/detailing spray, we use Zaino’s Z-6.

Quick Installation Instructions
The adhesive of the badges cures better when the temperature is 70º or higher. It has been reports that installation can/has been done at lower temperatures with out any problems.
1. Clean the badge and sounding areas to remove all dirt, dust, oils, etc.
2. Remove the stock badges.
3. Clean the badge location by wiping with clean towel and isopropyl alcohol.
4. Remove the backing from the S Badge and apply the adhesive side to the clean, dry surface. Use a rolling manner (from bottom to top) to prevent air bubbles. Using caution contaminate the adhesive on the back of the emblem.
5. The assembly should remain about 70 degrees F for 72 to 96 hours before exposure to the outside.

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