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Rev Speed Meter Instruction Manual

November 5th, 2009 · No Comments

The RSM (Rev Speed Meter) is a multi function measuring device designed to measure and monitor vehicle speed, RPM, 0-400m time, mid range acceleration, estimated horsepower, as well as acceleration G.(Using optional G Sensor)
- Easy to Read VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
The RSM utilizes and easy to read VFD screen in a highly stylish case which also complements the cockpit interior.
Due to the 3 row 7 segment LED screen used on the previous model, we were only able to display a limited amout of information on screen. Now with the new dot matrix VFD screen, we are able to display multiple types of data in multiple for mats. In addition, we are also able to display the data in graph mode, and analog modes to ensure that the driver is properly informed.
- Thin Case/ Single Button Design
Circuit board and case design have been engineered to fit into a highly compact 52mm x 126mm x 18mm space. This allows easy mounting on the steering column and dashboard. Since the unit is self contained, there is no need to search for room to mount a control box. By using a single button design, we have also maximized efficiency when navigating through the menus.
- Allows Speed Limiter Cut for a variety of Applications Compatible with new style HONDA speed limiters.
- Retains MEMORY settings even with the battery disconnected By utilizing an EEPROM, the unit will not lose its memory settings even if the battery is disconnected, or the power is turned OFF. Of course, the best 5 Time Measurements are also constantly stored. This eliminates the necessity of reprogramming the unit every time after routine services.

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