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Honda 1/8 NPT Oil Pressure Relocation Kit Installation Instructions

November 7th, 2009 · No Comments

Tools Recommended: metric deep socket set, metric & American open end wrench set, 9/64th Allen wrench, Teflon tape, wire cutters, terminal crimpers.
Follow the included diagram exactly. This product uses two different but visually similar threads. 1/8” NPT and 1/8” BSPT may appear to be the same thread, but they are not. Do not assemble any portion of this kit in any way other than described. Doing so will result in stripped threads and oil leaks.

Do not over tighten threads. BSPT and NPT threads are tapered and may not sit flat. When screwing in a tapered connection by hand it will become significantly tighter as the threads engage. Tighten NPT and BSPT threads to 15 ft/lbs and stop. Be sure to use thread sealant on all connections.
1. Locate the oil filter flange on your motor and find the stock oil pressure sender. To access this location fully, certain emissions devices or the intake manifold may need to be removed. Remove the wiring harness from the stock oil pressure sender and move aside. Using the appropriate metric deep socket, unscrew the sender.
2. Install the included 1/8” BSPT adaptor in the stock oil pressure sender port. Start threads by hand and tighten snug using an open end wrench. Do not over tighten this adaptor! Install one end of the 12” extension hose and use an open end wrench to tighten.
3. With relocation block in hand, thread the stock Honda sender into the port labeled BSPT. Tighten snug using the appropriate deep socket. Thread your aftermarket oil pressure sender into the port labeled NPT. Tighten snug using an open end wrench.
4. Install the assembled relocation block on the end of the 12” extension hose. Tighten snug using an open end wrench.
5. Decide on an appropriate mounting location and measure out your ground wire. The ground wire should attach to a chassis ground or the negative terminal on the battery. Cut your wire to length, strip both ends and crimp on the included ring terminals. The small terminal should install on the relocation block. Use a
9/64th Allen wrench to remove and tighten the ground screw.
6. Reconnect the stock oil pressure sender wiring harness. If the harness will no longer reach, pull more wire from the loom or extend the wiring. To extend the wiring, simply cut the stock wire 3” from the connector and solder in more wire. You can use a piece of the included 18 gauge ground wire. Be sure to solder this connection and use shrink wrap to seal the connection.
7. Connect your sender wire to your aftermarket oil pressure sender using the appropriate wire and terminal.
8. Using the included zip tie, secure the relocation block in your desired location. This kit is designed to be universal to all Honda and similar Japanese motors. Therefore, we don’t have recommended locations for any application. Use common sense and secure your relocation block in a logical location. (read the third warning above)
9. Replace any stock parts removed during installation. Start motor and watch carefully for leaks. The system may take a few days to bleed any air out of the sending units. Odd gauge behavior is a sign of air bubbles in the sending unit. Air is naturally bled from the system over time.

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