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Honda TRX 450R BoonDocker Nitrous System Installation Instructions

November 8th, 2009 · No Comments

A common misconception about nitrous oxide is that it is explosive or flammable. Nitrous by itself does not burn, nor is it explosive. At 565 deg. F, nitrous oxide (N20) breaks apart and forms two parts nitrogen and one part oxygen. Inside an engine, this added oxygen speeds up the combustion process (the nitrogen plays an important part in buffering the reaction). Whenever nitrous is used, additional fuel is necessary; otherwise the added oxygen will act as a blowtorch inside your engine. When used properly, nitrous oxide provides the same benefits as turbo charging or supercharging your engine (extra power is made by burning more fuel and oxygen), but without the added cost or complexities.

Below is a diagram of the major components of the Boondocker Liquid Nitrous System. The simplicity of this system makes it the most reliable, easy to tune, and easy to install nitrous system available. By using the existing fuel system (carburetor) to add the required extra fuel for nitrous, the complexity and unreliability of extra components is eliminated.

The part that makes the Boondocker nitrous system so unique is our patent pending Nitrous Manifold. This manifold simply mounts on the airbox or air filter where it sprays a fine mist of nitrous that is then drawn into the engine through the carburetor(s). This allows the nitrous to be naturally aspirated into the cylinder instead of being forced, which is much friendlier to the motor and allows the nitrous to be used in a much wider range of throttle and rpm settings.

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