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Honda/Acura Traction System Installation Instructions

November 9th, 2009 · No Comments

This system is a bolt-on package that is designed to enhance traction by eliminating wheel hop and promoting weight transfer to the front wheels. Installation of this product requires the permanent removal of the factory plastic splash pan located just behind the radiator support. No other modifications are required for installation.

1. Raise and support the front of the vehicle.
2. Remove the front wheels and the splash pan under the radiator. Discard splash pan, it will not be reused.
3. Remove both shipping hooks located on the front frame rails by unbolting (3) 10mm bolts holding each bracket. Save the bolts for re-installation.
4. Slide the crossmember assembly into place so that the end brackets on the crossmember align with the holes where the shipping hooks mounted. Re-install the (3) 10mm bolts through the end brackets finger tight.
5. Remove the forward most bolt from the driver’s side front engine anti-rotation mount located on the bottom of the front frame rail. Save the bolt. Loosen the rear bolt (2) turns.
6. Slip the end of the long crossmember support (the end with one hole) between the anti-rotation mount and the frame rail. Replace the front bolt finger tight. Swing the opposite end of the support down to the bracket on the crossmember assembly. Insert (2) of the supplied 3/8”-24 x 1” bolts through the support bracket and crossmember bracket. Hold in place using the supplied 3/8”-24 locknuts finger tight. Repeat for the passenger side crossmember support.
7. Tighten all bolts to 40 ft-lbs.
8. Locate the (2) bolts that hold the factory lower suspension arm together. Remove the outermost nut from the bolt. Remove the bolt from the arm by driving it rearward with a hammer. One or two sharp blows with a hammer should remove the bolt from the factory press fit.

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