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1996-00 Honda Civic EX Cold Air System Installation

November 12th, 2009 · No Comments

Getting started
a) Make sure vehicle is parked on a level surface, and set parking brake.
b) Disconnect negative battery terminal.
c) If engine has run within the past two hours let it cool down.

Removing the stock air inlet system
a) Remove the stock air box assembly and attaching hardware from inside the fender well.
b) Disconnect breather hose from the air inlet tube.
c) Disconnect air temperature sensor harness from the air inlet tube.
i) Remove the sensor from the air inlet tube and set aside to prevent accidental damage.
d) Disconnect Fuel Injection Air Control Valve vacuum line.
e) Loosen and remove the air inlet tube from the throttle body.
f) Jack the front of the vehicle and support using properly rated jack stands.
i) Remove the lower front splashguard.
ii) Remove the front right tire and remove the inside splashguard (inner fender liner).
g) Remove the resonator from underneath the vehicle.

Installing the cold air system
a) Insert the two rubber grommets in the appropriate hole. The smaller of the two goes in the hole that is closer to the throttle body end of the pipe.
b) Install one orange connector hose on the throttle body end of the inlet tube. That is the end closest to the breather nipple.
i) Install two hose clamps on the connector hose and just snug them down on the hose.
c) Install the tube from the engine compartment by first inserting the tube into the hole exposed by the removal of the resonator.
d) Attach the tube to the throttle body while slowly turning or twisting the tube so that it does not touch any surrounding component along its path.
i) If required, further snug the hose clamps down, but making sure that they are still loose enough so that you can still rotate the tube during the remainder of the installation.
ii) The support tab on the inlet pipe will line up with a threaded hole on the inner fender well. Install the rubber isolator mount and attach the air inlet tube onto the rubber mount. Install the large fender washer and the lock nut onto the isolator mount stud and snug it down. Failure to install the rubber mount will void all warranties of the Cold Air System. Below is a diagram of how the rubber mount should be installed.
e) Install the AEM filter on to the end of the inlet tube. Push the filter on around 2 inches over the inlet pipe and install one hose clamp to secure the filter on to the inlet pipe. Once fitment is checked, you can either push the filter on to the inlet pipe more or less depending on clearances. Tighten the hose clamp after this is done.
f) Check the placement of the air inlet tube for proper alignment. Make sure that the tube does not contact any component along its route nor should it interfere with the function of any other accessory.

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