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Honda/Kawasaki/Suzuki/Yamaha Electronic Jet Kit Instructions

November 13th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Before installing the TFI you must first disconnect the negative lead from the battery.
2. Determine a location for the TFI unit. Suggested locations are as follows: Under the seat, behind a side cover or tail section.
3. The TFI comes with a harness with injector connectors that match the factory injector connectors.
4. Locate the factory fuel injectors (see owners manual if you are not sure)*.

5. Disconnect the factory injector connectors from the fuel injectors and replace with the TFI injector connectors from the TFI unit, basically unhook the factory injector connector and plug the matching TFI connector (female) to the injector and then connect the factory injector connector to the TFI connector that simulates the injector (male). There is no order to hook up the TFI harness to the factory harness just make sure the original factory connector goes to its’ original cylinder. It is a good idea to make sure there is a little slack in the harness to prevent engine vibration from damaging/breaking a wire on the connectors.
6. Be sure to check the wires are not in direct contact with any sharp edges, exhaust and/or other objects that could result in long term wearing and/or damage.
7. Connect the TFI ground lead to the negative terminal of the battery along with the factory ground lead.
8. With the rubber plug removed from the TFI, turn the motorcycle key switch to the “ON” position. As the bikes electrical system goes through initial start up mode you may see LED’s flashing on the TFI.
9. Start the motorcycle. The TFI is programmed “not” to add fuel at idle. This “may” cause all the LED’s to flash at idle, this is normal. Some models “may” have a solid green LED at idle, this is also normal. If just the green or red LED’s flash after startup or no LED’s are visible or bike doesn’t start, please confirm/retry all connections.

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