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1992-1995 Honda Civic with B16A Hybrid Intake System Installation Instructions

November 15th, 2009 · No Comments

The AEM Hybrid Intake System is the result of extensive development on a wide variety of hybrid cars. Each system is engineered for the particular application. The AEM Hybrid Intake System differs from all others in several ways. AEM has conducted extensive inlet air temperature studies and we have seen temperature reductions of up to 50 degrees by pulling air from outside of the engine compartment. The air mass flow to the engine is increased because of the increased airflow and reduced inlet temperature, which translates to more power. The AEM Hybrid Intake Systems come with complete instructions for ease of installation.

Our system is constructed of lightweight aluminum and then painted with a zirconia based powder coat for superior heat insulating characteristics. The aluminum will not crack in extended use like plastic and it is actually lighter than plastic. The tube diameter and length are matched for each engine to give power over a broad rpm range. Unlike the plastic systems that use a continually diverging cross section, we take advantage of the acoustical energy in the duct to promote cylinder filling during the intake valve-opening event.

Installation of the AEM Hybrid Intake System.
When installing the Intake System, DO NOT completely tighten the hose clamps or mounting tab hardware until instructed to do so later in these instructions.
a) Remove the existing intake system.
b) Using a 19mm socket, remove the engine mount nut, then loosen the three bolts with a 17mm wrench, and remove the mount.
c) Using a 14 mm wrench, remove the mounting stud from the factory engine mount assembly.
d) Install the Factory mounting stud on the supplied Engine mount bracket, using the Nylock nut and washer provided.

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