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1998-2002 Honda Accord 4 Cyl. Cold Air System Installation Instructions

November 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Read and understand these instructions BEFORE attempting to install this product.
1. Make sure vehicle is parked on a level surface.
2. Set parking brake.
3. Disconnect negative battery terminal.
4. If engine has run within the past two hours let it cool down.
5. The following items will be removed from the vehicle.
(a) The OE inlet tube
(b) The air filter case
(c) Intake air noise resonators (Fig A)
6. Removal of intake air tube.
(a) Disconnect the breather hose from the intake tube. The hose consists of a section of metal tubing between the intake tube and the cam cover.
7. Removal of air filter case.
(a) Remove the two mounting bolts for the air filter case and lift the case out.
8. Preparing the vehicle to accept the Cold Air System.
(a) From underneath the vehicle, remove the engine splash shield and the front left plastic fender liner.
i) The front plastic under-tray can be removed entirely for installation of the Cold Air System and the fender liner can be temporarily folded such that it does not interfere with the installation. (Fig B)
(b) Remove the bolts holding the lower resonator assembly and pull the assembly out from underneath the vehicle.
(c) Remove the two bolts securing the diagonal fender brace that is mounted between the battery and the passenger-side fender. (Fig C)
9. Installing the Cold Air System
(a) Install the orange hose section on the throttle body side (side opposite the bracket) of the Cold Air System air inlet tube.
i) Install two 21/2” hose clamps on either end and tighten them enough to hold them on during installation.
(b) Thread the supplied rubber mount into the fender brace. (Fig D)
(c) Place the air inlet tube in the engine bay.
i) Install the orange hose over the throttle body but do no tighten.
ii) The filter end of the tube should pass through the hole in the fender where the brace was removed. (Fig. E)
(d) Replace the diagonal fender brace with the rubber mount installed. The rubber soft mount should line up with the bracket on the air inlet tube.
(e) Install the large fender washer and the lock nut onto the isolator mount stud and snug it down. (Fig. F) Failure to install the rubber mount will void all warranties of the Cold Air System. Below is a diagram of how the rubber mount should be installed.

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