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Muz Honda JDM Badges (S2000) Installation Instructions

November 24th, 2009 · No Comments

1) Use an adhesive solvent to spray the badge you are removing. Make sure you use an adhesive solvent (such as Xenit Adhesive Remover) that won’t damage the paint.
2) Once the solvent has penetrated the backing of the badge use a length of dental floss and gently work it under the edge of one of the top badge corners. Once you have the floss behind the badge you can use it like a saw in a back and forth motion to gradually ‘cut’ through the backing adhesive and separate the badge from the body of the car. You may need to repeat the procedure from various angles to achieve this.
3) Once you have separated the stock badge form the car clean the body surface with a sponge dampened in alcohol (isopropanol alcohol is recommended). After cleaning ensure you keep the surface free of oil, grease and water.
4) You will notice that there are guide pins on the stock badges that insert into small holes containing clips in the bodywork. These holes will also correspond with the guide pins on the back of your new JDM badges. You can now remove the protective strip from the adhesive backing pads on your new badge and carefully position the new badge so that the pins are aligned to insert into the holes left by the old badge.
5) Once correctly aligned push the new badge firmly into place so that the guide pins are inserted fully through the holes and into the clips so that the adhesive backing bonds to the body. Apply polish/wax for the finishing touch.

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