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SWI-ALP Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface Instructions

November 27th, 2009 · No Comments

Prepare for the installation.
• If possible, install the SWI-ALP while you are installing the new head unit. Keep in mind you may need to plug in the factory stereo to locate certain wires; therefore do not complete the head unit installation until the SWI-ALP is working properly.
• Plan a general installation location for both the SWI-ALP plug and the control body. Keep in mind that the supplied wire harness is two feet long, and the 1/8″ plug harness is three feet long.
• Use a multimeter or approved measuring device for checking vehicle circuits

Troubleshooting Guide
No power / won’t go into programming mode:
• Check Red wire connection and fuse. Make sure INTERFACE is connected to switched +12volts, not constant +12 volts.
• Make sure vehicle ignition is on.
The INTERFACE controls the stereo immediately without pressing any buttons on the steering wheel:
• During programming, press the buttons on the steering wheel firmly until the left LED turns off. Releasing the button too early will cause the INTERFACE to send out a signal even when no buttons are pressed. The INTERFACE controls the radio whenever the steering wheel is turned (mostly late 80’s early 90’s Honda/Acura).
• Program the INTERFACE for version #11. When ever I program a new button the previous button does not work.
• You must program all button during programming. If you try to program another button, all previous button will be erased. You will have to relearn all previous buttons again.

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