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99-00 Civic SI-B16A2 Boost Upgrade Installation Instructions

December 16th, 2009 · No Comments

This kit has been engineered to be an easy, bolt on upgrade to your standard Jackson Racing supercharger kit. It will raise your boost approximately 2 psi. As such, it has been designed to be a “Race Only” kit. Because of the “Race Only” design criteria, the C.A.R.B. Exemption Order number supplied with your Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit does NOT cover this product. Therefore, this racing boost upgrade is legal in California only on racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway. Other states may have laws governing the use of this product. Check local regulations before installation. Our kit was designed with and performs best when used with a good header, cat-back exhaust, and a good high flow air filter. Other non-specified accessories or engine components may affect your specific boost and horsepower output.

A qualified technician should install this Boost Upgrade Kit. Although it has been designed to be easily installed, every racing modification should be tuned and tested with the proper tuning equipment. We require that any cut wires be soldered and shrink wrapped for protection. This will ensure that all connections are solid and stable.

For the “Do It Yourself” installer, the following tuning hints can help you verify if your vehicle is performing properly or needs further help. Any vehicle that has an Oxygen Sensor (O2) can test its air to fuel ratio (air/fuel) using a standard digital voltmeter.

Connect the positive side of your volt-meter into the signal output wire on your O2 sensor. Connect your voltmeter ground wire to a good chassis ground. At Wide Open Throttle (WOT), with the car completely warmed up, you should be reading voltage from the O2 sensor of .84v (approximately 13-1 air/fuel ratio) to a voltage of .93v (approximately 12-1). A reading of .90 is preferred, but a voltage fluctuation from slow RPM to high RPM is normal. Do not expect the voltage to stay at one continuous level throughout the entire test. In some cases you will have a slightly over rich mixture at low speed in trade for a good even mixture at high speed. Or vice versa. As a general rule, you can allow a slightly out of specification mixture at low RPM or high RPM in trade for a better overall reading.

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