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2001-2007 Chevrolet Express Van Bracketron Phone Mount Instructions

January 7th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Installation instructions for the 2003-2007 Express and Savana Vans
Use your 10-mm socket and ratchet to remove two (2) washer nuts from the inside of the small cubby hole under the radio and airbag switch. Set the washers aside. Remove two (2) 10-mm screws from the bezel below the steering column. Set the screws aside. Pull the bezel toward you releasing six (6) clips. On the pas- sengers side, remove two (2) 10-mm screws on the lower bezel below the glove box. Set the screws aside. Pull toward you to release two (2) clips and a pin that is connected to the larger radio bezel.

Remove the bezel that surrounds radio, climate control and instrument panel. Use the Dash Trim Panel tool in the upper right corner of the bezel releasing the first clip. Continue working the bezel loose to all the way to the left of the steering column for a total of twelve (12) clips. Tilt the bezel out just enough to gain access to the screw that is on the right side of the radio.

Remove the factory screw with a 9/32” socket & ratchet. Install the smaller part “A” onto the side of the radio, insert the factory screw and tighten. Reinstall all the dash bezels securing all clips, screws, and washers nuts. Connect the larger part “B” into the smaller part “A” aligning the studs with the holes on part “A”. Use the two (2) provided cap nuts and tighten part “B” to part “A” with a 5/16” open end wrench.
Install any Bracketron phone holder or Amps compatible device to your Custom Bezel Mount. Your installation is complete.

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