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Hummer H3 Delta 6X Light Bar Installation Instructions

January 9th, 2010 · No Comments

Step 1
Remove the driver’s side hood cover by prying upward with both hands.
Step 2
Remove the driver’s side windshield molding. Do not peel off the rubber seal or separate from roof molding.
Step 3
Remove 4 screws from driver’s side roof railing. Remove roof and windshield molding and set it down on the table.
Step 4
Measure 1” from the beginning of the roof railing and mark on the masking tape the spot to drill ―” hole for your harness.
Step 5
Install relays onto driver’s side engine compartment behind the battery, (See Step 6)
Step 6
Ground two short black wires leading from relays to screws holding the relays. Run yellow wires towards the corner of engine compartment.
Step 7
Run blue switch wire through the existing rubber grommet in the fire wall next to the relay’s location (Step 6).
Step 8
Pull both fuses out of fuse holders to protect from falsely activating the harness.
Step 9
Connect both red wires leading from relays to the battery’s positive terminal.
Step 10
Run both yellow wires with black wire alongside the windshield and up to the roof. Use electric tape to help hold down your wires.

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