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H1 Hummer H.I.D. High/Low Projection Headlamp System Wiring and Installation Instructions

January 27th, 2010 · No Comments

Installation Procedure
1. Remove Stock Headlamps by removing the three flathead screws securing headlamp bezel in place. Disconnect and discard stock headlamp.
2. Notch the back side of the housing to obtain additional clearance for HID wiring harness to pass through. (Please See Fig. 1)
3. Insert the projection HID lamps into the housing and reinstall Headlamp Bezel. Ensure that the top of the HID lamp is facing up before securing in place.
4. Install the two wiring harness to vehicle with both black wires secured to a common vehicle ground and the two red wires secured to the batteries positive terminal post located on drivers side engine firewall.
5. Secure the ballasts to hood using supplied self adhesive pads and sef tapping screws. IMPORTANT: Be sure to secure to the outer sides of the hood in the double wall section to ensure the screws do not puncture through to the outside of the hood.
6. Check fuses to ensure they are installed correctly.
7. Route wire harness to front of engine bay and plug the white fitting on the end of the harness to the white fitting on the back side of the projection lamp.
8. Route Red and Black fitting (36” in from end of harness) to a flat secure surface to mount ballast.
9. Plug the black ballast fitting into the ballast. Note: be sure that the fitting is plugged in correctly, the wire can be inadvertently forced into the receptacle backwards and will not operate correctly.
10. Secure the wire harness with the supplied zip ties.
11. Plug the stock headlamp wire harness into the supplied adapters and plug into projection headlamp harness.

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