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2003-2006 Hummer H2 6.0L V8 Part #3060 Installation Instructions

January 27th, 2010 · No Comments

1. Start by unplugging the MAF sensor by using a screw driver to remove the clip as shown.
2. Push fitting in and pull up to remove the wire harness from the MAF sensor.
3. Remove the bolts that hold the stock air box in place as shown and set aside for reuse with the MAC system.
4. Unbolt the engine cover by using a 10mm socket as shown and set the hardware aside for reuse.
5. Remove the cover to gain access to the hose clamp at the throttle body as shown.
6. Loosen the hose clamp on the stock air tube that attaches at the throttle body as shown.
7. Loosen the hose clamp that attaches the stock air tube to the MAF sensor as shown.
8. Remove the stock air tube from the throttle body and the MAF sensor as shown.
9. Loosen the hose clamp around the MAF meter and remove the meter form the air box. Note: The MAF meter will be reused with the MAC system.
10. Remove the stock air box by pulling it out of the fender as shown.
11. Install the MAC velocity adaptor on to the MAC air dam with the O-ring supplied in the hardware kit.
12. Install the MAF meter to the velocity adaptor through the MAC air dam as shown. Note: Do not over tighten the mass air meter.
13. Install the MAC air dam into the stock location as shown. Use the stock hardware to mount the air dam in place.
14. Remove the air meter from the stock air tube and install it to the MAC air tube as shown. Also install the silicone hoses to the MAC air tube.
15. Install the MAC air tube to the throttle body and to the mass air meter as shown using the silicone hoses provided in the kit and tighten the hose clamps. Note: Do not over tighten the hose clamps.

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