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2003-2005 Hummer HII Edelbrock Lower Trailing Arms Installation Instructions

February 12th, 2010 · No Comments

1. Raise vehicle and support with jackstands on a stable surface.
Note: Vehicle must be supported with vehicle’s normal weight on rear axle. Do not support vehicle by its trailing arms.
2. Remove only one of the stock lower trailing arms.
3. Install the Edelbrock lower trailing arms with the spherical ball at the rear axle mounting point and the grease fitting on top of the arm. It may be necessary to spread the rear end mounting tabs slightly to install trailing arm.
4. Re-install stock trailing arm bolts and torque bolts to 140 ft. lbs.
5. After one side has been completed, repeat steps 2, 3, & 4 on other side of vehicle.
6. Edelbrock trailing arms are greased during assembly, but we recommend you grease them after installation and during normal service.
7. Check bolt torque periodically.

NOTE: To lube the spherical ball end of the trailing arm, the vehicle’s full weight must be on all four tires. This will allow you to grease the zerk fitting that is located on the top rear of the arm. If the suspension is hanging, you will not be able to access the zerk fitting. To lube the front trailling arm bushing, you will need to remove the plastic cover at the front of the trailing arm. Re-install plastic cover after lubing.

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