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H3 Hummer Front Mud Guard Installation Instructions

March 8th, 2010 · No Comments

Turn the front wheels all the way to the left or right for mud guard installation. However, it may be necessary to remove the wheels depending on the tools being used for installation.
1. Clean and degrease the mud guard location area on the fender before installation.
2. Remove existing fastener from location D (Figure 1).
3. Attach mud guard to front fender with “existing factory fastener” at location D. Check fit and parallel and adjust accordingly before tightening (Figure 1).
4. Using mud guard as a template, mark, drill 1/8 holes and install #10 screws and washers at locations A, B, and C

1. Clean mud guard with a soap and water solution to remove dirt and other contaminates.
2. Sand painting surface with 320 grit sand paper.
3. Apply a coating of flexible primer-adhesion promoter.
4. Apply a flexible paint as directed by the paint manufacturer

NOTE: The Paint Protection Film is a precut template of film used to protect the mud guard mounting surfaces of your fenders against wear. The templates (left and right side) can be removed from the backing liner by folding the liner at the center cut of the template, separating the film sides and peeling the film templates from the backing liner.
1. Position mud guard on fender to indicate placement location of paint protection film.
2. Clean the placement area of fender with a clean cotton cloth and a petroleum distillate based cleaner such as DuPonts Prep-Sol Brand Solvent Cleaner or 3M Brand Adhesive Cleaner and dry.
3. Mix a wetting solution of 1 pint of water with 4 drops of liquid dishwashing detergent.
4. Mark correct position of film by placing mud guard against fender.
5. Remove protection film from liner and flood adhesive side of film with wetting solution (use a spray bottle or sponge).
6. Thoroughly wet film placement location of fender with wetting solution.
7. Position the adhesive side of film on fender and flood with wetting solution.
8. Check location of film with mud guard and reposition as necessary.
9. Using a sponge, squeegee any air bubbles and wrinkles from film.
10. Allow film to dry before installing mud guard.

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