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1997-2001 Hyundai Tiburon Cold Air System Installation Instructions

March 10th, 2010 · No Comments

The AEM Cold Air Systems are 50 states Street Legal (some model and years still pending) and come with complete instructions for ease of installation. Our system is constructed of lightweight aluminum and then painted with a zirconia based powder coat for superior heat insulating characteristics. The aluminum will not crack in extended use like plastic and it is actually lighter than plastic. The tube diameter and length are matched for each engine to give power over a broad rpm range. Unlike the plastic systems that use a continually diverging cross section, we take advantage of the acoustical energy in the duct to promote cylinder filling during the intake valve-opening event.

Our Dyno testing as well as independent dyno tests (see 7/97 Sport Compact Car Magazine) prove that the AEM Cold Air System produces as much as twice the power gain than any other system on the market

Getting Started
a) Make sure vehicle is parked on a level surface.
b) Set parking brake. Install rear wheel chocks.
c) Disconnect negative battery terminal.
d) If engine has run with in the past two hours let it cool down.
e) Jack the front of the vehicle and support using properly rated jack stands.
f) Remove the right front wheel.

Removal of the Stock Air Intake System Hose clamp Bolts IAT Sensor
a) Unplug the Air Temp Sensor (AIT), Loosen the hose clamp, and unclip the Air Filter Lid, and remove it. Remove the rubber AIT grommet, and save it for use with the AEM Cold Air System.
b) Loosen the three bolts holding the Air cleaner base to the inner fender, and remove it.
c) Loosen the three bolts holding the Cold Air Duct to the body, and remove it.

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