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2005-Up KIA Sportage / Hyundai Tucson Receiver Hitch Installation Instructions

March 10th, 2010 · No Comments

1. Check all parts. Read and understand instructions completely before beginning installation. Clean the under side of the frame. Clean out the weld nuts in the frame.
Parts List:
1) Hitch
6) 10mm – 1.25 x 40mm Hex Bolts
6) ł/₈” HD Flatwasher
6) 10mm Lockwashers
2. Remove the exhaust hangers and lower the exhaust to ease installation.
3. Remove the tow hook, four bolts on the passenger side. Remove the rear most bolt behind the tow hook. Return tow hook and bolts to vehicle owner.
4. On the driver side, remove the two rear most bolts. There is a third weld nut on the driver side, you will be using it to install the hitch.
5. Clean the frame before installing the hitch. Make sure the 10mm – 1.25 bolts will screw into all six weld nuts. If a bolt won’t screw in easily, you will need to clean the weld nut of debris. The best way to do this is to use a 10mm – 1.25 tap. With a small amount of lube, run the tap through the weld nut. The bolt should screw in easily.
6. Lift the hitch into position and secure with six 10mm – 1.25 hex bolts, 10mm lockwashers and ł/₈” HD flatwashers.
7. Snug all bolts.
8. Torque all the 10mm – 1.25 bolts to 37 ft/lbs. Use a torque wrench.
9. Reinstall the exhaust hangers you removed.

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